Skip Bin Hire Tips

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Skip bins are probably the most convenient and cost-effective way to manage commercial waste from your business. However, hiring a skip bin can be pretty challenging. This article puts forward some of the questions you should ask the rubbish removal company renting skip bins to your business. 

What Type Of Skip Bins Do You Rent? 

The skip bin offered must be ideal for your needs. Reputable companies will start by assessing your commercial waste to establish which skip bin best suits your needs. For example, the volume of waste generated will determine the size of the skip bin you should use. However, the company must also examine where you intend to place the bin. In some cases, you will require a local council permit to place a skip bin along public pavements. If you generate mixed waste (such as medical and biodegradable), the company could offer smaller skip bins to ease the waste separation. 

When Do You Pick Up The Skip Bin? 

The company should pick up the bin before it fills up. Therefore, the company will examine your waste disposal habits. For example, a construction site might not have a lot of waste during the weekend. Conversely, a hotel might dispose of more rubbish during the weekend than on weekdays. You should also inform the company when you want the waste picked up. For example, an office block might want the trash picked at night when there is minimal traffic on the premises. 

What Are Your Terms? 

Most reputable companies have friendly terms to encourage customer loyalty. Nonetheless, inquire the following: 

  • Does the company have the required insurance? This protects you from liability claims if some of the staff suffer injuries or illnesses when working on your premises.
  • What is the company's waste disposal principle? Consider companies that recycle most of the waste.
  • Do you offer guarantees? Typically, the company should compensate you for losses if they fail to abide by the agreement.
  • The company should adjust the contract to suit changing business needs. For instance, you might need smaller bins during the low season. 

How Much Do You Charge? 

The company's rates should be within your business budget. However, do not go for low-quality services to save costs. Remember, improper waste disposal could significantly affect your business reputation and credibility. Instead, ask the company how you can reduce the costs. For example, they could ask you to sign a long-term contract to reduce some costs. 

When hiring skip bins, inquire about the available skip bins, check when the company empties the bins and examine the terms and pricing. Contact a local skip bin hire to learn more.