2 signs that you need to order an additional rubbish bin for your business premises

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If you find yourself experiencing either of the following two issues, you might want to order an additional bin for your business premises.

1. Your bins are overflowing for days before they're collected

If your current set of rubbish bins regularly end up overflowing with refuse for days before the rubbish removals service collects them, then it may be wise to order an additional bin. There are a couple of reasons why an extra bin could be very useful in this situation. Firstly, if you have enough bins for the amount of refuse that your enterprise produces, the bins will not become so full that their lids cannot be closed.

This is important, as if a bin is overflowing to the point where its lid cannot be shut, it will be far more likely to catch the attention of rats in the local area. Rats climbing into your bins could be a huge problem, as these rodents could leave behind pathogen-laden excrement, hairs and urine, which may make anyone who then touches the bin or places more rubbish into it (such as your employees, for instance) extremely ill.

Secondly, if there is absolutely no space whatsoever in these bins for any more rubbish, the smaller bins that you have placed inside your premises (such as the bin in the canteen, for example) may end up being left full of malodorous rubbish for several days. This could make your workplace both unsanitary and unpleasant to spend time in. 

2. Your customers have complained about the smell from the bins

If you don't have enough bins to hold the amount of rubbish that your enterprise produces between each visit from the rubbish removals service, then one of two things is likely to occur. Either the bins will become so full that you will not be able to close their lids, or you will end up having to leave the rubbish bags that won't fit into the bins on the ground.

This could create a smell that is so pungent and unbearable that your customers might begin to complain about it. If this happens, it is extremely important to order a new bin as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that if even one of your customers discusses the awful smell that they detected whilst on your premises with a few of their friends, then word may quickly spread around your local area. This could lead to you losing a large proportion of your customer base.

As such, if you hear any customers complaining about the smell from your bins, you should rectify this issue immediately.