3 Benefits of Building an Underground Shelter for Your Garbage Bins

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Many businesses which produce a lot of garbage keep their garbage bins in the parking lot. Having your garbage bins in a location such as this can cause a lot of problems. One solution to your garbage bin problem you may not have considered is storing them underground. An excavation company could easily build a pit which can be lined with concrete for the storage of your bins. Building an underground garbage bin storage unit offers a range of benefits. Below is a guide to 3 of the benefits offered by underground storage.

Protection Against Pests

One of the biggest problems of keeping your garbage above ground is the risk of pests such as rats and birds attacking the bags of rubbish and opening them up. Rats can carry disease, and if a customer sees a rat running across the parking lot of your business, it is unlikely that they will ever return. Birds can also scatter pieces of garbage across a wide area which could result in your parking lot looking really bad. No one wants to be stepping over bits of rotting food as they approach your business. Excavating a pit in which you can place your garbage bins and then covering the top with a protective sheet of plastic or metal will help to protect the bins from the threat posed by pests.

Protection Against Bad Odours

There is no escaping the fact that garbage bins can smell bad. The foul odours which are emitted by bags of garbage can be magnified by the heat of the sun. The heat will cause any food within the garbage to break down and rot at a greater speed, releasing gases such as methane and sulphur. When you keep your bins above ground, these smelly gasses are blown across your business. A bad smell coming from the bins could keep customers away from your shop, as the implication will be that if the business smells bad, then this must somehow reflect the quality of service or the products sold.

Protection Against Eye-Sores

If your garbage bins are often overflowing, you may be forced to stack bags of rubbish next to them. This can create an eye-sore. After all, no one wants to park up at a local business and be faced with the view of bags of garbage. By building an underground storage unit for your bins, you can keep them out of sight of your customers.

If you are interested in the construction of an underground storage unit for your bins, you should contact an excavation service today.